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The Keystone Civic Association welcomes you to our informative and community oriented web site. The KCA is made up of area residents who are interested in preserving one of the few rural-style communities left in Hillsborough County. We provide information with these pages, that will give you links to information that relates to our lands, our water resources, our natural habitats and wildlife areas and recreational events and lands. We encourage you to take part in this and contact us with issues, services, etc., that you would like to see us utilize in these pages to bring to you. So, welcome and enjoy!

Our Vision

The Keystone-Odessa community will continue to be a rural community, embracing its agricultural past. Its continuing desire is to be an open area that values nature above commercialism; dark, star-filled skies at night above the glare of urban lights; and, the sound of crickets and frogs above traffic noise. Blessed with many lakes, wetlands and rivers, and dependent on water wells for survival, these will be supported to ensure their continued health. Protection of water resources will be paramount.

Rural roads that transect the Keystone-Odessa community will remain in their present form (two-lane local and collector roadway connections for movement without entering major arterial highways), freely used by community residents. Urban design standards and/or traffic generated by surrounding high population center are not to degrade the community's country roads.


The KCA is made up of volunteers such as yourself. If you can spare a few hours a month, the Keystone Civic Association needs you. There are openings on many of the social and task committees, on the Board of Directors, as well as the general membership. All help is appreciated – a little or a lot. No experience is necessary. All that’s needed is an enthusiasm for maintaining the environment and rural lifestyle that we all appreciate and enjoy in the Keystone area. The General Membership meets on the 4th Thursday evening of each month (except November and December). Visitors are always welcome to attend. The Board meets on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month. The social and task committees meet as needed. Committees are available or can be started for various goals. General members are always welcome. Click on the membership form to join. Join our effort. Attend a meeting or contact President Tom Aderhold for for more info at 962-4769.