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Our 32 square miles include significant wildlife habitat.

On the ground, we have:

  • small animals such as rabbits, raccoons, and bobcats.
  • medium size - coyote (14) and wild hogs.
  • larger - deer and an occasional panther.

In the air, we have:

  • song and migratory birds.
  • predators - hawks, owls, osprey, eagles.

In the water, we have:

  • Many fresh water fish species
  •  Alligators and snails.  (29)

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Land, Water, Lakes

Keystone is a vital aquifer recharge and ground water pumping area.

  • The three watersheds of Brooker, Rocky Brushy, and Double Branch creeks essentially cover all of Keystone.
  • Brooker Creek Headwaters Reserve; Lake Dan; Brooker Creek Corridor; Brooker Creek Buffer Preserve; Lake Rogers; Cosme Odessa, and Lake Park are some of the managed resources.

  • 56 named lakes and many more wetlands are integral to the entire system.

  • Tampa Bay Water has 41 commercial water wells within Keystone’s vast well head protection area.  We are the pink area in the upper left corner.


Keystone’s private and public resources, open and wooded, dry and wet perform double or triple duty. They provide:

  • Water for the Bay Area.
  • Wildlife green ways, habitat and refuge.
  • Florida ecosystems preservation.
  • Recreation.
  • High property values.

Portions of them are managed by ELAPP (Environmental Land Acquisition and Protection Program), SWFWMD  (24) (South West Florida Water Management District), and TBW  (25) (Tampa Bay Water) and Hillsborough County.

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Special Roads & Trails

Our horses, live stock, wildlife, people, and tranquility do not mix with busy highway traffic.

Roads:  Our 2 lane roads reduce impact to Keystone’s

  • Horse and live stock industry,
  • Water shed and preservation,
  • Residents and homes,
  • Bicycle lanes and trails use,
  • Scenic corridors
As needed, our roads will be improved by such enhancements as:
  • Bulb outs
  • Turn lanes
  • Widened shoulders
  • Separated bike lanes
The round-about is one of our safety enhancements.
Click here for the real story about road & safety enhancements, current issues, and much more.

Trails:   Keystone’s great outdoors can be enjoyed in many ways.  In addition to our many lakes wildlife viewing, hiking, and horse back riding can be enjoyed on the trails in Lake Dan, Brooker Creek Head Water Reserve, and Equestrian Park.  The Upper Tampa Bay Trail provides Keystoners additional access to shopping, recreation, and good health.  Trail crossings of our roads also control traffic and enhance safety.

Please enjoy an out-of-doors lifestyle that is uniquely Keystone. 

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Our farms, pastures, live stock, lakes, creeks, water sheds, greenways, preserves, and wildlife form a system that is integral to the whole of Keystone and the Bay Area.  They affirm the our community’s heritage, life style, and quality of life that our residents, old and new, cherish.  They also buffer Keystone from dissimilar development found in surrounding urban and suburban communities.