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Welcome to Keystone.

Nestled in the northwest section of unincorporated Hillsborough County, Keystone is a rural style community designated by the Keystone and Hillsborough County comprehensive plans. A total of 36 square miles, Keystone shares a border with both Pinellas County to the west and Pasco County to the north. This makes it a unique link that connects the big three counties of the Tampa Bay area. Keystone is perhaps best known for it’s environmentally sensitive topography. It boasts expansive natural wetlands, lakes, open ranges and preservation forests. Most significantly, it serves as a vital watershed and recharge area that provides millions of gallons of water to the region. Understanding the tremendous importance of our area, Keystone Civic serves as a symbolic custodian and trustee of the area to promote the protection, health and long term preservation of the area. Keystone Civic encourages you to read through our site and learn more about one of the most special, unique places in Florida.