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Horse Sense

Submitted by Laura Swain

Even if you have never ridden a horse in your life, if you live in Keystone you need to have a bit of “Horse Sense.”

Horses in pastures and riders on horses are part of the daily scene that contributes so much to the rural lifestyle we all enjoy so much. But for the horse owners, uninformed neighbors can be truly dangerous. So here are a few tips for the non-horsey set and some reminders for the rest.

If you see: Riders on the shoulder of the road: Please slow down and swing wide around them. Horses can be unpredictable and although no one ever plans on their horses jumping out in front of a moving vehicle, it has been known to happen. Don’t Honk Your Horn!

Loose horses on a road or on the side of a road: Please stop your vehicle if possible and get others to stop as well. Hopefully a frantic owner will be close by trying to catch the beasties, and if so, do what they ask in order to help. If no one is about, then call the Sheriff. This is a VERY dangerous situation, both for vehicles and animals. The horses are probably somewhat frightened to find themselves out of their familiar place, and apt to be VERY reactive, so stay calm, go slow, don’t honk your horn.

Horse trailer pulling out of a side road: Please slow down to let them out. We don’t have lots of traffic signals in Keystone, so please be neighborly. Remember that when horses are being pulled in a trailer, slamming on brakes or swerving off the road to avoid hitting someone is likely to cause injury to the horses.

Our horse community in Keystone will be so much safer and happier if we all take a bit more care and slow down around our 4-legged friends.