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June General Meeting Recap

Standing room only for “Keystone Transportation Summit”

More than 115 showed up for a presentation by MPO’s Lisa Silva and Hillsborough County Public Works Assistant County Administrator John Lyons.

For over an hour Mr. Lyons went through several projects being worked on in and around Keystone including road work, trail additions and culvert maintenance. For the full link to his presentation please click Keystone Community Meeting 06 27 2019 and click Here for a summary of additional information.

The overwhelming message from Keystone was clear:

  • Our two laned roads are what define the rural nature of Keystone and more lanes of travel should not be considered now or in the future
  • A detailed Keystone wide study is needed to identify areas of opportunity
  • Using our existing plan as a guide identity potential road enhancement sites for turn lanes, bulb outs, round a bouts etc to increase safety and efficiency
  • Address safety concerns at key intersections specifically along Tarpon Springs Road and Gunn Highway
  • Improve efficiency for local users but find ways to decrease and deter cut through traffic from both Pinellas and Pasco commuters with possible traffic calming features


Commissioner Murman has followed up with KCA and a small transportation working group will meet to find specific areas of concern to send to John Lyons office.

If you are interested in meeting for the one time small group session please email For efficiency, the group will be limited to no more than 5 members.


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