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September Brings Out Keystone’s 4H Odessa Wranglers

KCA September Meeting Review


For those unable to attend, we had a good turnout for our September meeting at Keystone Park this month. Our guest was the Odessa Wrangler 4-H club, which was founded in 2004 by lifelong Keystone resident Audra Skinner. Audra showed the great leadership of this program, and several of her student members were present and spoke as well. Student members spoke of having no experience with animals prior to 4-H, as well as spending time this summer at Legislative Camp in Tallahassee as part of the 4-H program to learn leadership and government. They spoke with elegance and confidence. Another member has been in the program for several years, sold his steer carcass to our very own Sheriff Chronister at the fair and is now going into business for himself buying and selling steer… all while still in high school! The Odessa Wranglers will have events over the next year such as plant sales, as well as the auctions and events at the Hillsborough County Fair and the Strawberry Festival. We will keep you informed of these events and other ways that the Keystone community can support this terrific program. As KCA member Alan Mevorah stated last night, these kids show such confidence, perhaps they will be the next generation to head to County Center on behalf of Keystone. They certainly have earned our respect and support!


Board member Clara Lawhead reviewed some upcoming events including Family Fun Day October 26 and our first ever Food Drive on November 24. Both of these events will be at our park since the renovations have been delayed until December. Look for more information on these two events plus Adopt-A-Road clean up scheduled for Saturday November 9 in the next few weeks.

We are still looking for volunteers to participate at Family Fun Day! You do not need to commit to the entire event. We are happy to have your help with set up in the morning, clean up at the end of the event or any time in between. Email Deanna Corarito at or call/text at 860-302-6525 if you can help.


Grant Applications:

Clara also reminded us that we are in the last few days for applications to be accepted for the KCA Grants. Six grants, each up to five hundred dollars ($500.00) may be awarded in 2019. The KCA board will review all submissions and award them based on merit and alignment with the mission of the KCA:

“To promote, support and protect the rural lifestyle of Keystone by strengthening the community’s social, philanthropic, business and various civic organizations through education, fellowship, activity and special events. To serve as the face and voice of our community to elected officials and associated agencies and to foster unity through community vision.”

Projects can be conducted by a group or an individual.  In five hundred (500) words or less describe your mission statement, who you are and how and what you will use the grant money for. We suggest you use the following bullets as a template for your application.

  • NEEDS ASSESSMENT: Define the need for the project. State who will benefit and how and why the project is important. Provide evidence to document the problem or need. Give a timeline of the project.
  • PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: Focus on the projected outcome of the project that the grant money is being sought for.  Point out who is going to do what, when, and how much.  Give a date the project is to be completed.
  • METHODS: Give the steps of the project, the reason behind them, and who would be responsible for the completion of steps.
  • EVALUATION: Give details on how the project will be evaluated and who will be doing the evaluation. Give names of tests and methods used for measuring the results. Show at what points the evaluation will start and how improvements to the program will be put into progress.
  • BUDGET: Give a total cost of the project. Then show where the money will go. Be specific for each category. Also give information on other funding sources if applicable.

Applications should be submitted by September 30, 2019 electronically to

The deadline is September 30, so get those applications in ASAP! The applications can be found here:


Thank you to our members who came out last night to support your KCA!


-Deanna Corarito


September 2019
1. September Brings Out Keystone’s 4H Odessa Wranglers