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Partner Spotlight: Nosara Farms

By Janise Man-Son-Hing

KCA, Director


When you first look down the long driveway of this beautiful picturesque farm you are in a dream world. Your mind is swept away to another time. You see the green acreage and well-established barns sitting way in the back of the property.  You have arrived at the Nosara Farms a true gem in the Keystone Rural Area.

Jane Whitehurst and her husband, Mark Sprecher are the owners of this magnificent horse training facility.  The name comes from a beautiful beach that Jane and Mark stumbled upon during their honeymoon.  Playa Nosara was such a serene place they knew this had to be the name of their farm. Whitehurst has been well established for years in the dressage world as a trainer and instructor. She is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science.  Nosara Farms is her second training/boarding barn the first was down in Palmetto.  For Jane and Mark having their barn now in Odessa is really a dream come true.  To get a real feel for this fairy tale farm Jane showed us around and you could not help but feel and see a barn so full of warm energy, history and character.  Whitehurst a very accomplished equestrian has thirteen show horses at her barn.  In 2010 she received her Gold Medal with the United States Dressage Federation.


So many beautiful show horses and then there are also recreational horses in the barn. I had the true honor of meeting a horse named “Rage”. His age is forty-two years old. Yes, there is actual paperwork to prove his age! The Keystone Civic Association is proud to have Jane and Mark and Nosara Farms as a part of the Keystone Community. So, take the time to visit this amazing farm, if not to take a lesson, just to engage yourself with the most beautiful animals and amazing pastures. Jane can be reached at 



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