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A Bit of Keystone History

Provided by Barbara Aderhold
From the History of Keystone Odessa and Citrus Park Vol I

Keystone Colony was originated in 1909 or 1910.  Most of this area was subdivided into 10 acre lots known as Keystone Park Colony.  This property was advertised in the Saturday Evening Post for $25.00 an acre.  A two-story colony house was built on the north end of Dakota Avenue under the big oak trees and was used as a boarding house for the prospective buyers.  It also contained an office and a Post Office.  A grove on the south side of Tarpon Road, adjacent to Tyler Road, was used as a model grove to help sell the property.

Prospective buyers were shown the area, with a horse and surrey as the means of transportation, to view the lots for sale.  This venture folded and most of the lots went back to the state.  Later the colony house was torn down and the lumber used to build a home on Michigan Avenue.

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