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Key Partner Spotlight – Absolute Outdoors

Pat Meehan moved here when he was twelve years old and though the owner of Absolute Outdoors was not born in Keystone, Pat truly is a Keystone Ambassador. When my family moved to Keystone seven years ago, Pat was one of the first people to stop by from the neighborhood and introduce himself. Neighborly? Yes. And smart business too.

Pat admittedly is a hands-on kind of guy, and went to work out of school for Mark Hughes (another one of our Key Partners and current KCA Board Member) working outside landscaping and doing tree work which was right up his alley. As a teenager, Pat was always doing the yard work for his parents and learned by the hands-on work. (pay attention youngsters!)

Fishing, hunting, camping and boating are passions of Pat and he loves doing them with friends and family. He is part of a small group that hunt in the fall every chance they get on 600 leased acres in Georgia. He loves being outdoors doing anything, which is where he got the inspiration for his business name – Absolute Outdoors Property Management.


Absolute Outdoors was started in 2008 offering a little bit of everything for yard service. Pat was able to purchase a client list from Mike Mulligan (of Key Partner MJM Design) starting out, with as he said to me “enthusiasm and always showing up.” Once we’d settled into our house, Pat had a crew out to remove a tree or two and clean up several branches hanging over the house from the 80-foot Laurel Oak tree in the front yard. About four years later, we had Absolute Outdoors remove that same tree before it split. It was quite the undertaking, as the remaining stump was approximately 4-5 foot in diameter! They did a great job and the process was quite interesting to watch.



He has grown his business from doing lawns and tree work, and these days Pat says that the focus of Absolute Outdoors has shifted to landscape maintenance, design and installation. By building relationships with people and the relationships he has maintained, Absolute Outdoors was given the opportunity to bid on the landscape maintenance contract for Rooms to Go and won that contract. Over and over Pat spoke of the relationships with the people he has met. I was impressed by that, especially in this world now of digital lives and a world of not really knowing your neighbors. This is what I mean by being a true Keystone Ambassador.  Because of Pat’s philosophy of living in Keystone and knowing all his neighbors (and anyone else he meets along the way) Absolute Outdoors services large equestrian estates as well as regular houses in town, several of which are on on our street. He has grown his operation to three crews; two for maintenance lawn care and one for enhancements such as sod, landscape design and installation. All the staff are certified in Best Management Practices in landscape maintenance and all are employees of Absolute Outdoors with workman’s comp coverage. (That might seem a small issue until someone is injured doing work on your property and files a claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy.)

When I asked him what he likes the most about living in Keystone, Pat said it was “the small town feel of living here and being able to stop in the Winn-Dixie and seeing your neighbors… seeing people that you know.” Knowing the people of this community is one of the benefits of being a resident here in this small rural town, but when ninety-five percent of your business is in the same small town, you must be a pretty nice guy AND be good at what you do.


The list of services Absolute Outdoors offers:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Planting landscapes
  • Tree work
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Erosion repair of ponds
  • Hardscapes
  • Sod
  • HOAs and CDDs
  • Commercial and residential


You can reach Absolute Outdoors at 813-310-2079. Email

Their website is and on Face Book.