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Key Partner Spotlight – The Armory

The Armory


By Barbara Aderhold and Paul Crowell


Josh Holden opened The Armory over a year ago.  The Armory is located at The Village Shoppes Plaza.  When asked why Josh chose this location, he said that the developer of the shopping center called him to say he had available space.

Josh was raised in Ireland and a small town in upstate New York, similar to Keystone.  Josh moved to Florida about four years ago.  He started handling firearms when he was thirteen years old.  As Josh said, he was a shooter before he was a firearms shop owner.

The Armory is locally owned and operated, not a chain.

Customers come from all around the area.  Some to shop, some to just look.  All are welcomed.  Josh offers a no pressure approach in his store.  His goal is to educate his customers and that they buy the right item or firearm for their needs.  He welcomes first time firearm “holders” and seasoned gun holders.  People have come to his store who have never held a firearm in their life.

The Armory offers personalized assistance for the novice or experienced whether for sports, hunting or self-defense based on your needs, comfort, and goals

As you glance around the store there are mounted heads of several animals.  Asked Josh if he hunted these.  No, he says, a customer brought them in.  Some of Josh’s customers have become friends and even assist in the store.  Josh offers a very warm, welcoming atmosphere and even a couch to sit and chat with others in the store.

Besides selling firearms such as Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, The Armory also repairs, cleans, and paints (a custom color and protective firearm coating called cerakote) firearms right on the premises

And then there is the custom work.  Custom manufacturing, design, and laser etching.  Want your company logo on the stock? – The Armory is your place.   If a firearm is manufactured by The Armory, they offer an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on the firearm and parts.

You dream it and Josh can make it happen.  Can you imagine a Louis Vuitton firearm?


Josh and The Armory may be reached at (813) 926-3087 and by email at More information may be found at their website Home – The Armory Gun Shop LLC. (



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