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Tennis Court Update at Park


Submitted by Jan Nelson

Our beloved Keystone Park has undergone some long-awaited improvements to the tennis courts otherwise known as a “court lift”. For the past 20 plus years, the Icy Hot Gang, made up of young at heart yet “seasoned” tennis players have been regulars at the park on Saturday mornings. We are thrilled to be playing on the new pristine courts. Through the years as the courts deteriorated, the cracks, crevices and divots caused the ball to bounce in totally unpredictable directions wreaking havoc on our ability to hit the ball. I guess the good news is that the newly constructed surfaces mean that we can no longer place blame for our poorly hit shots on the “dang” courts.

In recognition of the fastest growing sport in America we also have 4 beautiful Pickleball courts. A Pickleball court encompasses half of a tennis court and is played with a paddle and a plastic wiffleball of sorts. It is a fast-moving game.

Joe Monroe, the Recreation Program Supervisor at the Keystone Park made it his mission to meet with our group on several occasions to get our thoughts and ideas on refurbishing the courts. Thank you, Joe, for listening and caring enough to help make our dreams come true.

Also, thank you Commissioner Sandy Murman for hearing our pleas to make this project a reality and getting hoppin’ mad to get the job done. Your second effort push for a “set point” made a big difference. We are the grateful recipients!

But Wait …………there’s more. The stage 2 plans, happening in the near future, call for benches, LED lights for night play, safety lights for foot traffic, signage and a gazebo. Added extras for a better tennis/Pickleball experience.

Thank you Hillsborough County!

New resurfaced courts at Keystone Park


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