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For Wild Birds, Home is Where the Nest Is


Article Provided By: Wild Birds Unlimited, Odessa FL


During the spring, hundreds of wild bird species return from their tropical, wintering grounds to nest and raise their young. This massive migration brings the greatest opportunity of any season to attract birds by providing nesting materials, safely-located nesting boxes and quality food.   With birds expending so much energy migrating, courting, and looking for food, these helpful additions will make their lives a little easier.


Since few hollow trees remain in cities and suburban yards, man-made nesting boxes have been credited with helping to increase the previously declining populations of cavity-dwelling wild birds, such as bluebirds.


“A bird’s primary consideration when choosing a nesting site is security,” said Kathy MasseyWilliams, owner of the Odessa Wild Birds Unlimited. “Protection from predators and proximity to food is of vital importance to the success of a bird’s offspring.”


There are many different styles of nesting boxes available, including those that are decorative and bird-specific.  Massey-Williams recommends that before purchasing a nesting box, one should be sure that it meets these six requirements:


  • Designed for the species, according to bird’s size and nesting requirements.
  • Ventilation holes to provide a release for heat build-up.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Easily mounted or hung.
  • Durable to withstand several seasons of use.
  • Drainage holes in the bottom of the house.


In addition to providing adequate nesting houses, providing high quality nutrition for backyard birds can make the nesting season more successful. Feeders allow breeding birds to spend less time searching for food and more time available for protecting their nest, eggs and young from predators. Research studies have shown that birds with access to bird feeders will often lay their eggs earlier than those without feeders. This is significant because earlier broods typically have better rates of survival and fledging success than later broods.

Wild Birds Unlimited in Odessa carries a wide variety of nesting boxes and high-quality food.  You can find Bluebird, Wren and Chickadee houses that meet the specifications for our local birds.  The Nesting SuperBlend food is specially formulated with essential protein and calcium for nesting families.

“It is entertaining and educational to watch birds as they go through the many stages of their lives, including choosing a nest site, making the nest, laying eggs, feeding their hatchlings, and then, watching the fledglings as they venture out on their own,” added Massey-Williams.


Wild Birds Unlimited is located at 12470 State Road 54, in Odessa.