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Modification to Gunn/Van Dyke

By Barbara Aderhold, Land Use Chairperson


Major Modification – 21-0116                                      Van Dyke/Gunn

This parcel of land was re-zoned in 1992 and was part of the Kash n’ Karry rezoning (now Winn Dixie).  This was several years before the KOCP was enacted.  In the conditions of this re-zoning, the parcel ( east of the TECO ROW) was for a building  a maximum of 8,500 sq.ft to be developed in accordance with CG (Commercial General)zoning district standards unless the parcel was developed residentially.  In a 2006 major modification the building square footage was reduced to 7,200 sq. ft. and allowed the use of Business Professional Office. This is the current entitlement.

Note the property to the east of this parcel (next to church) was re-zoned to OR (Office Residential) in 1999

The applicant is asking for the following as of this date:

1) To amend Condition 1 and 1.1 and add additional conditions so that 7,200 sf of BPO uses or 4,000 sf feet of CN uses are allowed in that part of the project east of the TECO right of way, as shown on the approved and proposed site plan(s). Further, 1.1 would be amended regarding applicability of KOCP Rural design standards by removing only “office” uses from the PD language. In addition, applicant proposes condition 1.2 to exclude the uses of; banquet and reception halls, charter schools, car wash, neighborhood motor vehicle repair, free standing ER, ambulance services, convenience store w/gas, freestanding nightclub, drive through restaurant and sexually oriented business (Bullet this) 2) To amend Condition 9 to allow for the optional use of private septic system on that part of the project located east of the TECO right of way.

This major modification was due to go before the ZHM on 2/15/21 but it has been continued to the May 17, 2021 hearing.


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