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LED Light Standard Coming To Keystone

As TECO and Hillsborough County continue to change out old HPS lighting to the more efficient LED’s it is important to the community to have uniformity in regard to the fixtures and appearance of the light. KCA has been working with a county hired consultant over the past 4-6 months to work with TECO to come up with an acceptable standard for any new lights installed in public areas of Keystone.

On May 6th, a small group of board members along with a couple of long time KCA members will visit in person at TECO’s Tampa facility to preview possible lighting options. This meeting will focus on color, intensity, distribution and fixture style.

Many Keystoner’s would prefer to simply have no new lighting and that is probably the consensus view. But there are times where the county must install lights for safety or required by ordinance. Moving forward we are asking Hillsborough County to only add lighting in the following areas:

  • At the intersections of roads as required by FDOT
  • At school bus stops when requested for safety
  • On private property at the request of the owner and so long as the light does not trespass on other property
  • Along dangerous sections of road as defined by state or county transportation technical standards
  • In neighborhoods with a mandatory HOA that decide on their own lighting is needed. The lighting should not be seen from public roads in Keystone.

As soon as KCA has selected a fixture and have more information we will share it with you.

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