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Modification to “Downtown Keystone”

By: Barbara Aderhold, Land Use Chairperson


What is going on at the corner of N. Mobley and Gunn?


This piece of property was originally re-zoned in 1998 for commercial and residential and now is coming in for another re-zoning.  Currently the zoning hearing meeting is scheduled for May 17th.  (Always check as these hearings can and do get continued for one reason or another).

This is what the applicant is asking for:

“Applicant seems to modify the currently-approved PD zoning for the subject property. The focus of the change is to remove the elementary school, which is being replaced with additional residential units on half acre lots and a 300-seat religious use, as depicted on the revised PD plan. Commercial development will remain in the southwest corner of the site. Applicant will work with staff to create new conditions for the various uses, and the development will comply with all relevant policies and regulations.”

Applicant is asking for 28 ½ acre lots; a church; and retain the commercial square footage from the original re-zoning.  The applicant is also asking for water and sewer for the entire project.

There are a lot of questions concerning this project and hopefully the applicant will be forthcoming in answers well before the May 17th hearing.

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