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Fire Ants vs. Pyramid Ants

We all have encountered the dreaded Solenopsis invicta, fire ants. They are an invasive species that made their way to the United States and fell in love with Florida. One queen can have 40 to 150 mounds with underground tunnels that go vertically and horizontally. If you step on their mound, you know it instantly. They do not run and hide they ferociously attack whoever is threatening them. Their mounds look very disorganized but don’t let that fool you. It is an effective system.

Fire ant specialists are now focused on using chemicals that sterilize the queen and future queen ants. This is much better for the environment and the chemicals do not hurt the pyramid ants.

Pyramid ants have organized mounds with a circular depression in the middle. Do not worry about stepping on their mound they will just hide until the threat is over. They do not bite and are one of the few predators of the fire ant. Pyramid ants are indigenous to Florida, and they have an important purpose. They are great for the environment because they eat unwanted insects.

Look at the pictures and do not panic next time you step on a pyramid mound. A healthy lawn will have a lot of pyramid mounds. Please do not kill them they just might stop you from getting bit by a fire ant.

Remember, always work with nature instead of against her.

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