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May all your wishes come true!

The KCA has been granting wishes for the past two years in an innovative approach to meet community needs. Each KCA grant can be awarded up to $500.  Last year, the grant project funded six projects.  For 2021, we have given out five -$500 grants to date.

KCA was pleased to present five- $500 grants to local organizations that make a positive impact in our community. Recipients included Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Rehab (fencing), Keys to Kindness (summer scholarships), Mt Pleasant AME Church (a Hillsborough County Historic Site), Keystone Prep High School (greenhouse) and Hammond Elementary School (Canopy Project).

The funding for these grants originates from member donations to the Community Fund and the “Chili Cookoff” contest.  This fun, yearly event, features local Keystone businesses competing to create the best tasting chili.  This event grows more popular each year increasing revenue to the KCA Grant Project.

Thank you to our Grant Project Chair Clara Lawhead for creating and managing the KCA Grant Project and organizing this year’s awards event.  Many thanks to Pastor Mitchell for hosting the award’s event at the Mt Pleasant AME Church. Thank you to all the KCA board members who attended the award event.  It was nice to see folks coming together in our community, especially after such a difficult year. Lastly, if you participated in a prior Keystone “Chili Cookoff” either as a business or patron, thank you. These are the fruits of your labor, time, and donations.

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