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New to the Neighborhood: BoldHouse Nutrition

BoldHouse Nutrition

8738 N Mobley Rd.
Odessa, FL

We are Katia and Danny Miller. We both grew up in Tampa but decided to move our family to Odessa because we wanted a tighter community in which to raise our kids. We fell in love with Keystone’s unique feel and the preservation of nature all around us.

We have a very strong vision of bringing health and wellness to Keystone. We offer healthy and delicious alternatives from meal replacement smoothies to protein donuts. Something for everyone! Our teas are the most popular item providing amazing energy with less than 30 calories and a variety of flavors.

Our current hours are Monday – Friday 6am – 2pm and Saturdays 9am – 2pm. We will extend hours to meet the community needs. Stop in or view the menu on our website:

Alongside our shop we are also opening…

BoldHouse Studios

Here we will offer a variety of different workout classes for everyone to get active and build relationships. Being a mom myself, I know and appreciate how just an hour to myself can make me feel better.  I want to bring this to the community of Keystone.  Coming soon we will be posting our class schedule on our website. We are so excited to continue meeting residents of Keystone, the support so far has been incredible.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
– Ghandi

Article provided by Carleen Degoyler

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