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Ice Cream Cone

Old Fashion Fun

By Trisha Penabade

The Ice Cream Social may be an old fashion concept, but it is never outdated. Seriously, who doesn’t love ice cream?

Keystone Civic Association held their annual ice cream social on Thursday August 26. Our long-standing tradition was interrupted last year due to the pandemic. This year we were thrilled to get it back.

The American Legion was gracious to allow us to hold our event at their location. They even added an extra twist by mixing up adult beverages for those who preferred libations over ice cream. Thanks to Carleen DeGolyer for doing the shopping, storing, then bringing the assortment of prepackaged ice cream desserts for everyone to enjoy.

The best part, of course, was the chance to socialize with so many wonderful members of our community. We had a good turn out of new and longtime community members.

President Joshua Butts spoke about how the Keystone Civic Association continuously strives to keep our community the rural gem it is in Hillsborough County. It takes everyone in the community to protect what we have. After Josh spoke members participated in a fun, roundtable of introductions; each speaking as to how they came to live in our beautiful community.

Even the rainy weather didn’t dampen our spirits. It was just an old fashion fun evening enjoyed by all.

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