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KCA’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive Collects 70 Turkeys for Families in Need

Thanksgiving Day might already be a fleeting memory as you prepare for the next holiday, but please consider taking just a moment to reflect on last Thursday.

Did you get the day off work to spend with your family?  Did you invite friends over that you hadn’t seen in a while?  Did you finally get to travel out of town and see some different scenery?  Did you have enough food to feed your family?

food driveKeystone Civic Association held their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive on Sunday, November 21, from 10am to 2pm.  All food collected was passed on to Messengers of Hope Mission and Keystone United Methodist. 

Messengers of Hope Mission began about 11 years ago.

Bob R. Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, saw the need to help the homeless and it has evolved from there.  Their headquarters is on Black Lake Rd off St. Rd 54 and the website is   If you are looking to volunteer your time for a worthy cause with a well-run organization contact them, and Bob says you don’t have to wait for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  You can do something helpful and nice at anytime of the year.  Bob also brought three other volunteers, Kris and her son Tyler and Steve who does much of the driving.  This organization is a mobile food pantry which takes supplies to many other organizations such as churches and shelters.  These “satellites” that receive food can be found all throughout Hillsborough, Pasco, and parts of other counties.

Keystone United Methodist Church takes care of several families in need.

Two volunteers from the church stopped by to pick up food so that these families could also have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

To say we collected A TON of food would not be a lie.  2097 pounds to be exact. This includes 70 turkeys.

Our President Joshua Butts pledged to match a turkey for every turkey donated.  That’s 70 more turkeys!!!!  There was not much time to rest during the four hours we collected food.  Thank goodness we had so many members show up to lend a hand.   The biggest thank you goes to everyone who donated.  The names below are just a few of the people we tricked into giving their names, there were many more.   We understand no one is looking to be recognized, and that the feeling of giving is its own reward.

What a beautiful Sunday and such a wonderful opportunity to meet members of our Keystone community.

Keystone residents always come together for a common goal whether it is stopping a zoning change or feeding those less fortunate than many of us.  It is this cohesiveness that binds us tightly together and makes the KCA quite impermeable when needed.

This is the last newsletter of 2021, and so we wish each and everyone of you the happiest and merriest winter holiday of your belief.  Celebrate with families and friends with peace in your heart and we will see you next year.

KCA Board

Just a few of our many donors:
Ilene Stills | Sicardo | Sanchez | Debbie | Brenda & Ben Rder | Evonne Stoaker | Cassandra | Stone Davis | Jennifer from 360 Sports Center | Lisa & Tom Allen | Linda Law | Michael Couch

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