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Plan Amendment (land use)

Barbara Aderhold has provided the information on this Plan Amendment

Plan Amendment 19-09

The request is to go to Agricultural Estate, which would allow the development of 1 residential unit for every 2 and a half acres. Currently the property is A/R 1-5 meaning one home to 5 acres. The applicant has made this request because the site cannot be developed under the A/R 1-5 as the upland’s density credit cannot be utilized. The Keystone/Odessa Community Plan Water Quality and Quantity goals, specifically states that no density credits for wetlands can be used for new development.

The proposed request would not result in a radical departure from the existing large lot, mostly rural character of the surrounding area. The size of the subject site and low development potential would be in line with the development pattern of the surrounding uses in the area. It must be recognized that Keystone residents have been consistent in maintaining the Vision and long-range goals of their community plan to retain the rural character of their community. While there are lands with land use designations that allow 1 unit per acre or 1 to 2.5 acres, those are areas that existed prior to the plan and were given those designations, recognizing their existence at that time. Since the creation of the community plan, there have been no plan amendments approved increasing residential density. The request to increase the residential density would be inconsistent with the overall vision of the Keystone Odessa Community Plan. If the request was approved, it could set a precedent, piercing the community plan, allowing similar requests in the future for larger areas which would most likely be more detrimental to the overall character and long-term vision of the community.

On Oct 4,2021, The Planning Commission found this Plan Amendment to be inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

  • This now goes before the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on 12/9/21 at 6pm. (UPDATE –THIS HAS BEEN CONTINUED TO SOMETIME IN MARCH.)
  • Our voices need to be heard by the BOCC and the following is how to go about it.
  • Click here to email your thoughts
  • Click on Email all the Commissioners; fill out the form; your subject is CPA 19-09.

Your Message is you either support the Planning Commission’s finding of inconsistency or you don’t.

What if you want to appear before the BOCC?

Currently, the BOCC is taking public comment via the phone. You do have to request to speak.

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