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New development coming: Patterson and McGlanery

Dear KCA Members,

The residents of The Woods of Eden Rock, McGlamery Rd., Julia Cr. and Patterson Rd. have joined forces to work together to preserve the Keystone Community Plan. Our area is at the corner of the Keystone Community Plan.

On April 27, 2020, C.T. Bowen of the Tampa Bay Times wrote an article “Hillsborough buys 543 acres in Keystone for $11.6 million”. According to the article Hillsborough County purchased 3 tracts of land to preserve the wildlife in the area. Read the full article here.

At that time, we were elated at the news that this land would be protected. Now we are horrified to find out that, apparently, only two parts of the deal went through. The City of Clearwater owned land was purchased near Silver Dollar, and part of the Cee Bee’s Citrus land was purchased (300 acres). However, the part that is between Patterson Rd. and McGlamery was purchased in mid-December in a sale between Double Screen LLP and sold to Taylor Morrison homes, who is going to put up 194 homes on a parcel of land that has been historically filled with Grand Oaks and other wildlife. The million-dollar question is, what happen with Double Screen?

There are more concerns than we can note here, however the following is an excellent presentation of our concerns as presented by McGlamery Road resident, John Doble. We need help! If you know a good lawyer that can help us, we need help NOW! Below is John’s presentation:

 This is what I provided to Harry Cohen & many others in attendance at last night’s Transportation Meeting.

RE: Approx. 194 house Tract Between Patterson & McGlamery RDS

  1. Land Use: How are the common elements going to be owned and managed?
  2. Are the open areas being deeded to the county? Owner’s association?
  3. If the land remains in private hands through fractional ownership of the lot owners, have rules or restrictions for the use of the property been developed?
  4. If there are rules, can copies be provided to our Keystone landowners? Will the new lot owners be offered access to such as Lake Marlee? Can the lake restrictions be included in land deeds?
  5. Transportation: What plans, if any, are there for McGlamery Road?
  6. It seems that with added traffic or construction traffic there will be a significant disruption to the existing property owners on McGlamery Road.
  7. At the very least, can construction traffic be banned from McGlamery RD?
  8. Since McGlamery RD is a neighborhood collector road and not an arterial road, some provisions should be made to promote neighborhood traffic calming.
  9. Transportation: Although detailed plans have not been reviewed, the entry of the subdivision onto McGlamery Road appears on the concept plan to be an improved “subdivision” entry. McGlamery Road is a neighborhood collector street, shouldn’t the “entry” be less improved and look more like an interior road in a neighborhood rather than a major entry on to a county arterial road such as Patterson?
  10. Land Use: How is light pollution being addressed in the interior roads?
  11. Is there going to be street lighting?
  12. This is a generally rural area of the county with limited business development. If street lighting is contemplated, it should be installed with cutoffs to eliminate light pollution.
  13. Transportation: With the additions of this development on Patterson Road, is there consideration being given to intersection improvements at Patterson & Racetrack Rds., S. Mobley & Racetrack Rds., and Tarpon Springs & Patterson Rds.? These improvements are already long overdue.

What Keystone Residents Are Requesting:

  • At the very least, since McGlamery RD is a neighborhood collector road and not an arterial road – such as Patterson RD, all traffic – to include construction vehicles from this approx. 194 home tracts should be directed solely to Patterson RD – with appropriate traffic control.
  • Patterson RD currently requires calming which is already long overdue.
  • This 194-house tract although semi-protected by a 21 yr. old Zoning – that was purchased less than 2 months ago, has ignored all tenants of our Keystone Community Plan that was developed in 2001 & reaffirmed in 2011. The Keystone Civic ASSN must have reasonable control over our slice of paradise. We request that reasonable control as laid out in our Keystone Community Plan be adopted.

John Doble, Presenting input from Keystone Civic ASSN members & residents
He lives in District 1 on McGlamery Road, Keystone, Florida (Odessa)

This 30-year-old PD is going to forever change the face of Keystone! The traffic, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Environment? They want public water/sewer. There is so much to be concerned with here.

Please contact all the County Commissioners, Harry Cohen represents District 1 (our district). There are many questions as to why a 30-year-old PD zoning could override our Keystone Community Plan.

Jeannie Holton
Owner of the original house on McGlamery- an “Old Florida” Pole house built by McGlamery in the 1890’s

To learn more, go to our FB Page – Woods of Eden Rock/Keystone Preservation


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