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Keystone Park Update & Annual Family Fun Festival

Great news just around the horizon!!

Joe Monroe, our dedicated Keystone Park Manager, is anticipating that the park will be ready in June, at the latest July, for the summer programs. Currently, the roof is delayed waiting on roofing materials and supplies. Joe has been working daily with the contractors to get our beloved park’s renovation completed. This is no small undertaking, and we are all in great respect for Joe’s dedication. There will still be more work to be completed externally after the building is finished such as the Band Shell and the new playground, but the building is almost ready for our return.

Annual Keystone Family Fun Festival

The park renovation news is so sensational it leads us to believe that we can once again hold our Annual Keystone Family Fun Festival in the fall of 2022! In 2019 I served as committee chair. I am proud to say we had the most successful event. We brought in over 3275 guests! After two years of social isolation due to Covid, we all would welcome a successful event to restore our Keystone pride and connection. I am excited to start the “event planning” early this spring for our Keystone hallmark event. If you are interested in being part of this planning committee, please feel free to contact me at or phone me (813)376-047.

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