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Committee Descriptions

Please note the descriptions below are not written in stone. They are merely an idea of what the committee has been or could be, not what it has to be. Many of the committees are more complex than the couple of sentences used here to describe them.

  1. Land Use Committee: Updates on current and future development especially pertaining to zoning changes and other PD’s. Looking for members who have the time to go online or go in person to hearings. We need someone to chair this committee that has experience. Barbara will stay on and can help guide people interested in participating in this most important committee.
  2. Membership Committee: May not act in the same capacity as a true committee with meetings. Volunteering to help Janise with all thing’s membership related. Being an ambassador for the KCA by spreading the word to get more people in the community to become members.
  3. HCSO Liaison: Helping Janise with luncheons for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department. Working to continue the positive relations between District 3 and our community.
  4. Newsletter: Submitting articles to Jane for the newsletter. Articles should be in Word Document and pictures in JPEG. Content can be a variety of different subjects such as environmental, new businesses, or land use. Articles are due the Saturday after the KCA board meeting which is the second Thursday of the month.
  5. Financial Oversight Committee: This committee is chaired by Carleen. It is a check and balance of the KCA finances.
  6. Grant’s/Scholarship Committee: This committee is chaired by Clara and co-chaired by Jeff. This committee would be looking for deserving schools, charitable organizations, and churches, to name a few, to give KCA grants to.
  7. Communications/Marketing Committee: This committee is chaired by Cassandra. Experience in these fields would be a plus.
  8. Bylaws/Regulatory Compliance Committee: Hillary is chair and Clara will be co-chair. A working knowledge of Florida statutory laws or an education in law would be helpful to help get our bylaws in order.
  9. Special Events Committee: Clara is chair and Carleen is co-chair. This committee would be working on upcoming special events such as Chili Cook Off, Family Fun Day, and the Thanksgiving drive.
  10. Agricultural Committee: Jeff is chair and Jane is co-chair. Looking to compile a list of all farmers in the Keystone area. Having a place for the farmers to go for green belt questions or community issues that they may be facing. Uniting and promoting the farmers to show that keystone is a rural community.
  11. Environmental Committee: Looking for people who can attend SWFMD and other government environmental organization meetings. Protecting our wetlands and our water. A working knowledge of our water system including aquifers and watersheds would be beneficial.
  12. Emergency Response Committee: Keeping keystone safe through hurricanes, fire and flooding is paramount. This organization would come up with a ready plan that would keep our residents in the loop during a crisis. Willing to be certified in CERT, Community Emergency Response Team would be preferred.
  13. Signage Committee: Alan is chair and has been for a long time. Putting up the letters at the Keystone Park to advertise upcoming meetings along with putting out signs throughout Keystone advertising KCA special events.
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