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A Message from the Agricultural Chairman

This year the agricultural committee is being chaired by Jeffrey Bakshis, KCA board director, and co-chair Jane Whitehurst, KCA member.

The main goal of this committee is to help keep our community rural and agricultural by supporting local farmers in any way that we can.  One way that we are going about doing this is by helping landowners with the Greenbelt process, which will save money on taxes and protect their farms from government interference and how they operate. The other way that we are going about doing this is by building a network to help connect farmers with other resources that answer operational questions and working on ways to streamline communication between neighbors through the KCA.

The other thing that we are doing to serve you, the members, our local farmers, and the community of the Keystone Civic Association is to bring attention to the uniqueness of Keystone. We are planning to do this by visiting some of the farms in our area to learn what they do and take pictures that we can share, so that way everybody can enjoy them. We are hoping that in addition to this, we will enable people to enjoy visiting farms virtually.  This also helps others outside our community to understand why it is so important to preserve this wonderful oasis in which we live.

We look forward to serving you and are looking for more people to join the agricultural committee and identify farms that we could come tour and take pictures for the newsletter, Facebook, and the website.

Jeffrey Bakshis
BOD Director
Agricultural Chairman

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