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A Message from the Communications/Marketing Committee Chair

Hello members,

I’m Cassandra Leonard your new Board Secretary and Chair of Communications Marketing. My goal with this committee is to ensure ease and seamless communications to membership through an improved interactive website, signage for events, to provide a member interactive program with help of committee members to share important “news” and information via our Monthly Newsletter and Social Media posts. New vision to include will be a KCA Hot Spot series (KCA Live) to present our local businesses and ongoings in Keystone such as Land Use issues.

Through member resources we will connect further with media outlets as needed for specific hot areas in our community to assure Keystone is known for its sense of “community, strength and vigor”. To protect our Keystone 36.

Please join the Communications committee if you would like to be involved in the fun and sense of teamwork we will have! Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. 

May 2022
1. In Memory of Deputy Abigail Bieber
2. Property appraisals and the state of real estate in “Champa Bay”
3. A Tribute to Buddy Rawls, a Keystone Leader
4. Cereal for Summer Final Push
5. Hillsborough county commercial locational criteria study (CLC)
6. A Message from the Communications/Marketing Committee Chair
7. A Message from the Agricultural Chairman
8. A Message from the Treasurer