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In Memory of Deputy Abigail Bieber

A Celebration of Life Presented by the Keystone Community

Dear Keystone Community Member,

Thank you for your attendance at the General Membership Meeting on Thursday, May April 28th . Nearly 75 people were in attendance. Your support was greatly appreciated as we will dedicate a portion of the meeting to the Life of Deputy Abigail Bieber who served as our Keystone Community Law Enforcement Deputy. Deputy Bieber’s life, although short on this earth, left an indelible impression on all those she met including her love of children and animals. Deputy Bieber’s Dedicated Service to our community was honored with the presentation of two plaques made possible by the Keystone Community Fund. The plaques were presented to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Representative, Chief Deputy Donna Lusczynski and District III Command Staff which was in attendance. Also, Deputy Bieber’s Family, Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, were present to receive a special plaque in Abigail’s honor. The Executive Directors of Max and Me Animal Rescue and the Mary Lee House for Children were present. Donations were made possible to both these businesses in lieu of Flowers by the Keystone Community Fund to continue Deputy Bieber’s dedicated work as an advocate for abused animals and children. We appreciate our Keystone community turning out to support this Celebration of Life for Deputy Abigail Bieber and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office law enforcement personnel.

Janise Man-Son-Hing, Vice President Keystone Civic Association

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