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Keystone Connection Newsletter June 2022

A Note From Your New Newsletter Editor, Cassandra Leonard

Greetings Members,

It is an honor to assume the role as your Newsletter  editor. I appreciate this opportunity to connect with everyone through writing with hope the news and stories provided will be viable to all.  There are some big shoes to fill from my predecessor Jane Whitehurst, and I would like to thank Jane on behalf of all of us for her years of work on the Keystone Newsletters. You are so appreciated and valued, it is not an easy task!

With things anew, I move forward with a bright vision for the newsletter(s) to provide easier reading for our community members at the beginning of each month i.e. “Keystone Connection Monthly Newsletter”.  This will be to start your month off right by including great stories within our community highlighting every facet in an enlightening way.  Topics may include (starting July edition) : History on Keystone, hot news topics, “Monthly Highlight” ~ a business member, new resident member, agricultural story, or events each month, prep articles for key purposes, Keystone Recipes, and a new segment “Did You Know…Health Tips”.  Just adding some fun facts that may be of interest or help to all.   Please share your stories, pictures in area, recipes, hot news and  interview availability to :

Subsequently, the week of our General Meeting a second Short NewsletterKeystone Updates”  will be released to include pertinent items for the upcoming membership meeting that will include your reminder, agenda and minutes from prior meeting(s), Guest Speaker introductions, and important topics of concern(s) for our area such as: land use etc., and topics from you, the membership that we may address.

If you have topics you would like to hear more about, please email to or fill out the suggestion cards at the Meeting(s) upon sign in, this will be passed on to our President and BOD for discussion and inclusion accordingly. Allow me to say, it my personal goal and that of the KCA BOD  to assure we are all in tune with what membership wants or needs, recognition is given to all who support us, and know your voice is heard!   As a community bound together we are a strong force; protecting our Keystone 36 for as long as we reside of course!

Blessings to all and thank you for the opportunity to serve our amazing Keystone community as your BOD Secretary, Communications Chair and Editor!


A Word from the President 

With summer here, school out, and hurricane season already affecting Southern Florida, we need to plan and be prepared in our Keystone/Odessa community. We have lots of lakes to enjoy in the area, and we need to play smart. We also have lots of large trees to use as shade, and they could be knocked down with high winds and heavy rain. One focus is to play safely in and on the water with incoming weather and watercraft elements. Enjoy the articles and educate yourself on boater and swimmer safety. Respect the wildlife, as they are in their homes. Plus get stocked up now before the “rush” on the essentials to survive power outages, floods, and storm damage. We all need these reminders to keep us safe, healthy, and prepared. One way the KCA is here to help is through our Emergency Response Committee (ERC). We are working to effectively set up our group of community members that have the tools and equipment on hand in case you have an emergency. By working together we can minimize the negative impact a tragedy could have on our lives. Protect your elderly neighbors, homes, and animals.

It’s That Time of Year… Hurricane Season Prepare for Any Emergency!

~ by Cassandra Leonard / Hillary Kasarjian

Members and Residents of Keystone/Odessa area, it is that time of year where we must prepare for any emergent event that includes our Hurricane season.  We hear it may be an active one.   If you’ve lived here long enough you know we also have storms that are “rogue” and may impact suddenly with tornados and rushing rainfall. County information is  included for Shelter information.

Tip #1: Protect your Large or Small Animals :  Now is the time to prepare, purchase items of necessities for home or farm in case of power outages etc.  Prepare for your animals / shelters for proper protection in  the event of flooding if  known in your area.   It is recommended to develop an emergency “plan”,  collaborate with your neighbors for any scenario.  Know where you can move your horses, large or small animals, reach out to resources within our communities, local barns, veterinarian, etc.  Assure food is stored in a high dry places in case of flood, use pallets to keep food or hay off ground etc. Make sure to have plenty water stocked in case of electricity down time if you have a well.  We suggest plastic barrels to hold rain water is a great resource or unused tubs, coolers.  Assure to have emergency medical supply kits ready in water tight containers in case of injuries. Appropriate veterinary medications etc.  

Ready for disaster – checking off the items on the emergency preparedness form

Tip #2: Assemble Emergency Supplies for Home & Food for at least 5-7 days: Have plenty of non perishable Food and Water on hand. Fill bath tubs for use of toilets and washing.  Baby Formulas/ Foods and supplies.  Manual Bottle opener. Outdoor grill Propane/Charcoal, Cooler/Ice, Batteries, Battery operated Radio, Portable Device Electronic Charger, charged at all times. Flashlights, Chlorine disinfectant cleaner, Garbage bags, Medical Supplies, Refilled Medications (stock at least 60 days supply).  Important Papers in water sealable bag such as :  Home Insurance, Wills/Trusts, Birth Certificates, Health Insurance, Deeds, anything of value not replaceable.  Your washing machine is also a great place to store photo albums or special items. Get Extra Cash Now.  Insect Repellent & Sunscreen. If you have trouble with local pharmacies on your medications, there are alternates you can call for deliveries. Sand Bags, Wood for windows/doors. Generator. 

Tip #3: Assist/Protect Elderly/Disabled Neighbors :

If you know of elderly or disabled neighbors, please include them in your neighborhood  emergency plan, help guide them to prepare.  Assure they have plenty of food, water, medications, and special needs are met. Prepare medication and physician lists.    If in a flood zone, assist them to schedule pick up to a local shelter. Protect elderly if they do not have family around.  If assistance is needed please contact our main KCA number for the Emergency Response team to do best to assist collaboratively.

County Information on Shelters

Shelters/ Evacuations: Hillsborough County Shelters are opened on an “as-needed” basis depending on the emergency. To stay informed on shelter locations and opening notifications, sign up for HCFL Alert.    Openings will vary with each emergency.

Hillsborough County’s shelter operations will have COVID-19 protocols that will include masks and social distancing to protect the staff working at the shelter as well as the residents who need the shelter. These protocols will mirror the County’s evolving facility protocols. Should the County determine that shelters are necessary during a storm this year, the safety measures that will be in place for those shelters will follow the current Department of Health and CDC guidelines regarding the use of congregate shelters.

The County operates 3 types of shelters during an emergency: (See included links for more info)

Hurricane Evacuation Map Tool :

Locations Defined by County:

General Population Emergency Shelters  : These shelters are intended to provide immediate protection and save the lives of those in the path of a catastrophic and deadly storm. It’s important to have a plan – shelters are not resorts. If you do need to shelter in a County evacuation shelter keep in mind:

  • Evacuation shelters will not have cots, blankets or food for residents.
  • Bring water: one gallon per person, per day , Food: non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items, Bedding: pillows and blankets, Medications, medical items and supplies (hearing aids with extra batteries, glasses, contact lenses, syringes, etc.), Sanitation and personal hygiene items, Baby supplies (bottles, formula, baby food, diapers)
  • If you have specific comfort needs (i.e. special dietary or snacks), plan to get those items ahead of time.
  • Don’t bring alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, weapons

Pet Friendly Emergency Shelters – For information about pet sheltering contact Pet Resources at (813) 744-5660.

Hillsborough County offers eight (8) pet friendly shelters. To shelter your pet in case of emergency you must bring:

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination and license for dogs and cats
  • Pet must be on a leash or in a carrier
  • A crate large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around. Cats need a crate large enough to contain litter and food/water
  • Bring all pet supplies to include: crate, food, water, litter, treats, cleaning supplies, medicines, etc.
  • You are responsible for the care of your pet while in the shelter
  • Cohabitation of pets and owners is not permitted

If you are unable to meet these requirements, please make other arrangements to shelter your pet. Learn more about pet disaster planning.

Link to Pet safety planning for a hurricane or other natural disaster:

Special Needs SheltersWe highly encourage to bring one caregiver to assist you at the shelter. All special needs shelters are pet friendly.

The County provides special needs shelters for residents whose medical condition may require the use of electrical equipment, oxygen, dialysis, or individuals with physical, cognitive, or medical conditions that may require assistance from medical professionals. Although special needs shelters provide more care than a general shelter, they DO NOT provide continuous bedside nursing, only assistance with daily functions and medical monitoring. What to bring to a special needs shelter:   Bring your own medical equipment, special dietary foods, and supplies, including: medications, list of medications, wound care supplies, bedding, towel/washcloth, change of clothing, wheelchair/walker, personal hygiene items (soap, toothbrush, adult diapers, etc.).

If you believe you or someone you know may need a special needs shelter it is highly recommended you pre-register for the Special Needs Shelter Program before hurricane season. Follow these instructions to register for a special needs shelter.

TECO Update on Storm Preparations

Dear Valued Customer,

With hurricane season just around the corner, I want to assure you that Tampa Electric stands ready for the possibility of severe weather. The most recent forecasts predict that there will be 19 named storms this year – and of those, nine are expected to reach hurricane strength. While we hope for the best, as your trusted energy partner, we must plan and be ready to respond when storms come our way. We want to encourage you to do the same for your household or business.

Tampa Electric has more than 100 years of experience navigating tropical storms and hurricanes. We also developed a Storm Center webpage to be a go-to resource as you prepare your home or business for hurricane season. Don’t be scared. Be prepared!

How we prepare:

  • We hold mock drills to ensure we make certain all equipment, technology and fleet vehicles are in tip-top shape to quickly and safely get to our customers.
  • As part of our Storm Protection Plan, we’re strengthening our grid and moving targeted power lines underground to help prevent outages caused by high winds or falling trees.
  • We trim trees in accordance with industry standards and local ordinances to help prevent downed lines while maintaining our beautiful landscape.
  • We’ve improved technology, such as new smart meters, and our updated outage map, and our notification system will more quickly and accurately identify and communicate outage information to you.

How you can prepare:

  • Plan early and plan for the unexpected. Know your flood and evacuation zones and assemble an emergency kit to protect your family and home. Don’t wait until a storm is hours away to seek supplies.
  • Stay informed with our free outage notifications and select how you prefer to be notified about outages impacting your neighborhood. Bookmark our outage map for easy access to real-time restoration information.
  • If you do lose power, NEVER use a generator inside or where it’s wet. Only operate generators outdoors in a well-ventilated, dry area away from your home’s air intakes. Never connect generators to your utility service through receptacles, outlets, breakers, fuses or meter boxes. This could cause the power lines to become energized from the generator, posing a serious threat to TECO crews working to restore power.
  • Steer clear of any downed power lines you may encounter after a storm; always assume a wire is live. Please call 877-588-1010 to report a public safety concern. Please call 911 to report any life-threatening conditions.
  • Learn more electrical safety tips to help keep you safe year-round.

If outages occur, you can rely on us to have crews working around the clock to restore every customer as safely and as quickly as possible. Visit our Storm Center today and be #StormWise this season.


Attack on Keystone with Stormwater Drainage Plan
by the County CIP Project Name: Van Dyke Flow Diversion Pump Station Pipeline

Info By Melissa Nurdbeck/Edited by C. Leonard

In the presentation at our last General Meeting I brought this topic up yet there was so much focus on Patterson Road items, this was lost in presentation.
The county has given this project a CIP# 10300000, and has already spent $200k of “your tax money” for the planning stages of this project that is in complete violation of the Keystone Comprehensive Plan. 
Plan: They are running a sewer line down Brown Rd all the way down N Mobley Rd to Crawley Rd (THROUGH OUR TOWN CENTER) down Boy Scout Rd to the Rotary and down Racetrack Rd to the Taylor Morrison project.  Finding a way to accommodate that projects needs.  I would normally not ask this, but if ever there was a time for a “Call to Arms” it is now before they begin with this project.   
Please review attached map.    Members and residents, this is nothing but a full scale assault on our community.


 HCSO Memorial Day Luncheon May 30, 2022 hosted by KCA

The HCSO (Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office) Memorial Day Luncheon was a success. Captain Rivera was very appreciative of the food delivery as was District III. Janise Man-Son-Hing and Carleen DeGolyer represented the KCA by delivering the food items and attending.

A huge Thank you to the generosity of Three Brothers Pizza, Keystone Farmers Market, and Publix for the amazing food, fruits and desserts for our law enforcement who worked so hard this holiday to keep our Keystone 36 Protected and Safe!

A Special Thank you to our Keystone Community for the funds to be able to budget for these events. 


‘An Apple A Day’

By Cassandra Leonard, CHC

Did you know Apples are so healthy for your diet and health?  I would like to share some facts based on studies and defining make up of our Apples!

Green, Red or Yellow no matter what color you prefer,  apples are truly as healthy as they say.  Apples contain nutrients that are powerful shields against cancer.    You’ll want to eat your apples whole for strongest protection.   If you cannot eat them, then unrefined juice is an option. 

Apples contain the following vital elements of which is defined further in this article:  Quercetin, Triterpenoids, Pectin, Flavonoids, Boron, and Fiber.  These support your body as : antioxidants, cholesterol reducers, cancer fighters, bone and joint support, brain food against Alzheimers.

Most of an Apple’s Quercetin and other elements are found in the Apple Peel not the flesh!  It is highly recommended wash your Apples really good from pesticides, dirt, handling etc. (soak in water/white distilled vinegar(1 tsp) per quart for a couple minutes, scrub, rinse and dry).     Onward to defining the elements of your Apple!

Quercetin. is an antioxidant that stops tumor cell growth. Research found it can work against cancers of lung, breast, liver and colon.   Based on a study completed in Hawaii that showed people who ate more apples and onions both high in Quercetin, had lower risk of lung cancer.  A Nurses Health Study of 77k women had similar results.  Researchers around the world have focused on these phytochemical especially Quercetin to give our Lungs a powerful boost!     

Triterpenoids. Scientists at Cornell University found certain triterpenoids such as those found in Apples either kill or slow the growth of cancer cells in proven lab tests.  If you like apple juice better than whole apples, stick with cider, also called unfiltered or cloudy apple juice!  It’s made of shredded whole apples including the peel.    

Pectin, is a soluble fiber in Apples , citrus fruits and many other fruits and vegetables are yet another cancer fighting ingredient in this tasty fruit.   Apples are packed with Pectin.  We all know it as a “gelling agent” for jams and yogurt.   A lab study at University of Georgia found adding pectin to a group of prostate cancer cells caused many of the cells to die; up to 60 percent of them.  But Pectin did not kill normal healthy cells.     UGA Cancer Center researcher Dr. Debra Mohnen believes eating more fruits and vegetables are critical to good health.     

Flavonoids, are super nutrients to help your heart by lowering inflammation and keep blood platelets from sticking together.  In fact, flavonoids in apples, along with other fruits and veggies, nuts, herbs and red wine work as antioxidants.  That’s good for your heart because they stop the oxidation of LDL Cholesterol which is the “bad” kind to protect against hardening of the arteries.     Pectin and psyllium husk also help lower cholesterol.  It soaks up water in the intestines and forms a gel, that puts brakes on digestion.  Slower digestion of starches and sugars means cholesterol levels go down over time.  In research Pectin showed  to lower triglycerides and raise  levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.   Experts are not certain if its the Pectin or Flavonoids that benefit your heart most but you can bet Apples are a benefit!

Boron: this is a trace mineral many of our diets lack.  Boron helps you use calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, all vital for strong bones and joints.  Some Nutrition experts believe getting too little Boron may put you at high risk for arthritis.    Good news about eating “your Apple A Day” is you can get an excellent helping of boron in Apple or the Juice, which may also ease arthritis symptoms.   In fact both of these healthy treats rank in the top 10 Boron sources in a typical American diet.  Boron consumed from plants and foods is more easily used by the body than taking a supplement.   

Fiber: Apples and Apple Juice are a “soluble fiber” that forms a gel in your intestines to move out fatty substances.  It’s like a sponge to soak up food to keep it moving through your intestines.   Now, “insoluble fibers” are wheat bran, brown rice, broccoli and again, apples, is called roughage.  It doesn’t break down completely during digestion. Instead, it holds on to water and bulks up action like a broom to sweep food through your intestines quickly.     Nutrition experts recommend you eat both fiber types for 25-30 grams per day. Both kinds of fiber are important.    

Last and not least, an Apple a Day keeps the bugs away is a true statement.  “A” is for apple and antioxidants, “B “ is for the boron you need for your brain.  Put them together and you have a winning way to help protect your memory as you age as well!   Ace your antioxidants, these powerful elements in Apples help your brain make more acetylcholine.   It is a neurotransmitter that acts like a carrier pigeon that relays messages to your nerve cells in the brain.   Acetylcholine plays an important role in memory and learning, having enough may be a key to fending off Alzheimers Disease or memory issues, according to research.    

If you are unable to eat apples every day at least try to have 8 oz. of  Apple concentrate Juice or Cider.  Who would know Apples among many fruits and vegetables play such an important role  for our health.  Apples away!

Reminder! Next KCA General Meeting will be June 23, 2022 6:30 PM at the American Legion.

Thank You to our Keystone Business Sponsors for their continued support!


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