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Keystone Updates: Important BOCC Meeting August 17 at 9:00 AM – Attend please


The BOCC will have a meeting open to the public next Wednesday, August 17th at 9:00am. You can sign up to speak in person, virtually or submit written comments.   Our topic was added on to their agenda thanks to Commissioner Ken Hagan.    Public will have opportunity to speak at the first 45 min. of the meeting, only up to 3 min. permitted.   This can be in person or virtually!    Odessa/Keystone—Let your voices be heard!    The BOCC may allow for public to speak at the end of meeting as well and may call upon individuals who signed up.

Go to Hillsborough County – Board of County Commissioners Meeting (Hybrid)


Information provided by B. White –  resident monitors

Taylor Morrison has continued to thwart the rules and regulation of the county by continuing unpermitted work.  And we in turn have contacted BOCC about this by all the letters residents have sent in! 

What began as unpermitted activity on this site has continued.

Before the site permit was issued on May 5, 2022:

NO permits to cut down ANY trees

Unpermitted land alternation

After May 5, 2022 the violations continue.

Where was the permit to dig out a live oak tree, drag it, then bury on another location on the property this week? (pic on 8/9/2022).  Natural resources came out to look at a tree.  They are allowed to “transplant” trees but they have to do it “properly”.   This tree was NOT handled well and is already dying.   NOT being good stewards of OUR environment!

The normal work week  on the construction site shall be Monday through Friday, exclusive of COUNTY holidays. The normal day shall be between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Per the permit issued by TTC (Traffic Engineering-Temporary Traffic Control) the permitted hours of lane closure construction are 9am-4pm Monday thru Friday INCLUDING Saturday and Sunday. YET TAYLOR MORRISON CONTINUES TO WORK BEFORE AND AFTER THE PERMITTED HOURS.  VIOLATION!

Sunday, August 7 at 10:40PM video was taken of work being done in the lane closure.

This week we found out that the Gopher Tortoise permit application was not followed correctly by Taylor Morrison and FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) is now in contact with Hillsborough County about what course of action will be taken. At a minimum, this could be considered a violation of Condition # 5 of the gopher tortoise relocation permit. Furthermore, it appears that site development activities have been halted for longer than 90 days which means a new gopher tortoise burrow survey would be required before construction moves forward, as required by Condition 8 of the gopher tortoise relocation permit.

See Below:

Gopher Tortoise Permit Number GTC-21-00547

Both Hillsborough County and the EPA have rules in place in regards to dust control and environmental concerns with earth stockpiles (the large dirt mounds) that are in place longer than 14 days.

Hillsborough County Natural Resources does not reply.

Per Hillsborough Public Works Regulations:


These giant earth stockpiles are larger than houses and have sat on the site for MONTHS with no cover.


 Again, please get the word out about the BOCC meeting and sign up to speak out!!