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November 2022 Keystone Connection Newsletter ~ Happy Thanksgiving

A Note From Your Editor, Cassandra Leonard

Wishing All Members & Friends a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!

This is  a time of year one is reminded about the importance of friendships, family, sharing special memories and “giving”.  As the holidays roll upon us Thanksgiving is a time to be “thankful”  for everyone in our life, many who do good deeds, a sense of community that blends all facets of who we are as good human beings.  Thank You!   We walk with God on our path who guides us with light, love and strength to endure any challenge.   Love and respect is what everyone should receive as unity depends on this divine gift all can give each day.     Peace be with you and may you have health and prosperity in all ways.

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As a community bound together we are a strong force; protecting our Keystone 39 !

“United we are Strong, Divided we are Weak. Together we can accomplish ANYTHING. ”   

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On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, the Keystone Civic Association was presented an award to recognize its participation in the Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Adopt A Road Program for 30 years. 

President Mike Atherton attended the breakfast ceremony and awards banquet at the Bryan Glazer JCC to accept the award.  Many businesses and groups received 5 and 10 year awards.  The KCA was the only one to receive a 30 year award.

James Gothard, Keystone’s Adopt A Road lead coordinator, also attended.  He sets up 5 events a year to clean up the stretch of Gunn Highway from Van Dyke Road to Tarpon Springs Ave.  He is always needing volunteers to help keep our community clean.  The last event, scheduled for Saturday, October 29th from 7:15am to 9:30am, was not successful.

Our community did not provide any volunteers.  We need to have 4 successful clean ups in order to be recognized by the program.  Please consider helping out in the future.  We need to take pride in our beautiful community.  The next event will most likely be in February.  Please watch for postings in the newsletter and on Facebook.

Sign Up Today to be on the volunteer list for the ADOPT A ROAD Program to help keep our roads clean!  The Team Support.

BOD Nominations are still open.  Please submit your Nomination Form today as KCA needs your support!
 Click for Form here  



Variance Requests


22-1330 Former Borrow Pit on Lutz Lake Fern Road : The former borrow pit on Lutz Lake Fern Road is proposing the development of a 308 unit Recreational Park (RV), with an alternative development option consisting of a borrow pit.           Access to the site is planned to be provided via Barrie Acres Trail. The applicant is expecting to have water and sewer since it is adjacent to this property (to the east). (22-1330) – the hearing was scheduled on 11/14/22 which was continued to 12/12/2022.  This is not consistent with the KOCP/Keystone Odessa Community Plan. 

Please see below information:

Application Number: RZ-PD 22-1330
Purpose: Rezoning – Planned Development
Hearing Date: 12/12/2022
Hearing Time: 6:00 PM
Posting Deadline: 11/10/2022

To follow case 22-1330 Go to then PGM Store,
click on Document repository Public, Track 22-1330 Query, and Open to documents.

22-1135 Special Use Alcohol Beverage Permit – 7720 Van Dyke Road.   is for the proposed pub/bier garden on Van Dyke Rd next to the Winn Dixie. The alcohol/beverage permit hearing was scheduled for 11/21/2022.
You can send an email with inquiries or comments  to: Israel Monsanto at and copy

22-1431  Standard rezoning for light commercial use on SW corner of Gunn Hwy and Racetrack hearing 2/20/2023

MM-22-1638. Application Type: Major Modification. Folio: 000960-0600 Gunn Hwy, Odessa  Next Hearing Date: Feb 20, 2023  ZHM Date: Feb 20, 2023.  BOCC Date: Apr 11, 2023

Patterson Road Project Updates & Events Information

are available at


We need the Keystone Community to contact the BOCC en masse to ask what BOCC are doing to protect our community and follow our Keystone Community plan.  Having voices heard in magnitude will set a precedence. 
 Link to contact BOCC Hillsborough County – Contact Your Commissioner. Select email all commissioners


Plaintiffs’ Emergency Motion for Injunction, filed on June 30, 2022 will be held Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

The ROW (right of way) utilizes are being put in at a rapid pace along Patterson Rd and Race Track Rd. The ROW permits state construction is only allowed 9am to 4pm Monday-Friday. The permit also forbids weekend or county holiday work.

Yet, they continue to work outside the permitted hours and on holidays (11-11 – Veterans Day).   The ROW work is being done on Patterson Rd, Race Track Rd and eventually South Mobley.
If you see work done outside of the permitted hours, please call (813) 274-6500 or email

There was an agreement between Hillsborough County and Taylor Morrison regarding oversized utilities. Taylor Morrison puts in the oversized utilities and Hillsborough County reimburses them. However, this was not a formal Oversized Agreement. A formal Oversized Agreement with the county makes the developer go in front of the BOCC for approval. This never happened.
Why does this matter to everyone in the Keystone community? For those who don’t live on Patterson Rd that say this project doesn’t affect them. Or for those who don’t live on Lutz Lake Fern that say the Dibbs project doesn’t affect them.      It is the utilities.
Our Keystone Community plan forbids county utilities in the rural service area.
Hillsborough County approved utilities to the Taylor Morrison site based on their “interpretation” of a 31 year old plan that does not promise utilities. This was also reiterated at the 1991 BOCC meeting that approved the zoning for this site; no utilities were promised.
Yes, the 194 homes on 10,000 sq ft lots or a proposed RV part on Lutz Lake Fern go against our Keystone plan of 1 unit per 5 acres, but the big fight is the utilities.
Taylor Morrison wants county utilities. Dibbs wants county utilities.
Once county utilities come into the Keystone community, all of us with septic and wells will be forced to give them up and be connected to county utilities.
The oversized utilities going in on Race Track Rd right now are much bigger than are needed for a 200 acre site. Normal portable water pipes are 12 inches and sewer pipes are 6 inches.
Taylor Morrison is putting in 20 inch sewer pipes. Taylor Morrison is not connecting to existing county utilities but putting in additional potable water and sewer pipes.
There are 800 acres of land next to the existing 200 acres Taylor Morrison bought on Patterson. Oversized utilities would be the solution for bringing in utilities to these 800 acres (which we are pretty sure Taylor Morrison has some agreement to buy if their current site goes according to their plan).
Utilities in Keystone would be a dream come true to Dibbs, Taylor Morrison and other developers waiting in the wings.     We have to stop it. That is why there is a lawsuit against Hillsborough County.










This is a Year To GIVE!

KCA is sponsoring a Virtual Food Drive this Year for Thanksgiving and December Holidays!

Please click link below to be redirected to our website Food Drive Page

Click the Logo Below to be connected to Donate to KCA / Feeding Tampa Bay 

Keystone United Methodist Church Fundraiser



We have another Mission for the Holidays to announce!

Distributing to the Victims of Hurricane IAN in Ft. Myers.




Keystone Fall Family Festival was a Success!


The 14th Annual Keystone Fall Family Festival was a very successful event.

by Chair, Clara Lawhead

Over 2000 guests and many dignitaries came out and experienced real country fun.  Meeting and playing the activities presented by the local business really brings the community together.

Admission was free for the whole family. Sheriff Chad Chronister’s SWAT, Bomb Squad, Mounted Officers, Helicopter and K9 unit demonstrated their equipment and resources. Activities included live music by the Bodi Band, hayrides by JT Stahlschmidt, classic cars from the Keystone Motor Club, cotton candy by Keystone Realty, inflatable bounce house, face painting by Julia Wright, Keller Williams Realty, creating wild bird feeders by Wild Birds Unlimited Trinity, HC fire trucks, sack races, personal quilts, story teller of strange tales, ROTC color guard and flag disposal, corn hole toss, photo booth, Hot Dogs, Sloppy Joes, Popcorn, and much more.

Big Picture Band started playing “Star Spangled Banner” during the Color Guard Ceremony. The Re-Dedication of the Park was presented by Rick Valdez, Director of HC Parks and Recreation Dept and Commissioner Ken Hagen’s Aide, Rick Reidy. Joshua Wostal, County Commissioner Elect discussed the history of the KCA memberships that worked with the County to create the original Keystone Park buildings.  Jamie Rawls dedication in honor of Buddy Rawls, his father and the founder of the Keystone Fall Festivals.   At 10:45 AM the Sheriff Helicopter performed a fly by and landed the helicopter while the Bodi Band played “God Bless the USA “.  At noon Potato Sack Races took place for the children while the band played the “William Tel Overture” for the Races and then Tug of War games took place at 1:00.

And the Band played on….

The success of this event is largely due to our volunteers.  A small but mighty group pulled together a festival that was enjoyed by all.   A special shout out goes to Joe Monroe and his staff at the Park and to Clara Lawhead, Chair and Festival Scarecrow, Cassandra Leonard, Alana Genelli, Mike Couch, Yvonne Stoker, Paul Cappola, Julia Wright, JT Stahlschmidt, Jim Carper and the American Legion Post 147,    Janise Man-Son-Hing, Krys Wloch, Steve & Hillary Kasarjian and the many students from Gaither, Steinbrenner, Keystone Prep and Sickles High Schools, to include the Steinbrenner and Gaither ROTC and The Tampa Police Explorers and many adult volunteers!

Present to represent Keystone Civic Association were Michael Atherton, President, and Janise Man-Son-Hing, Vice President, Cassandra Leonard, Secretary, Clara Lawhead, Director, Krys Wloch, Director, Hillary Kasarjian, Director.

We Thank our Hillsborough County Sheriffs

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the Tampa Police Department Explorers were present at the Keystone Fall Family Festival.  The Tampa Police Explorer Volunteer Youth Program assisted HCSO in making sure more than 2200 people got into the festival safely and were parked.

The two agencies worked together to make sure all citizens in the park were safe and received all the information they needed to have a wonderful day! As the Keystone Civic Association Law Enforcement Liasion I could not have been more proud of our law enforcement presence.

Thank you HCSO District III Captain L. Rivera for being there to support the entire team!

Janise Man-Son-Hing, Vice President KCA
Law Enforcement Liason for the Keystone Community

More pictures of the Keystone Fall Family Festival will be available on our website link on our Gallery of Memories Page: http://


Keystone Area Events

The Gramatica Family Foundation Holds Its 9th Annual Kickball Tournament to Help Our Veterans!

The 9th annual #KICK4VETS kickball tournament was held on Saturday, November 19th at Ed Radice Park in Keystone.

Funds raised at the event will help to improve the quality of life for veterans through housing initiatives.  Gramatica spoke to his passion saying, “I wasn’t born in this country, so I appreciate all the freedoms in the best country in the world,”  He said, “A lot of them give up their lives, they give up a lot, they come back injury-wise. We want to say thank you, and this is a way for us to help them.

The foundation wants to ensure every soldier lives in a safe and comfortable home. We want to make it so that they have independence in their own home. If they’re in a wheelchair, they won’t be able to reach appliances or dishwashers; we want them independent in their home.

The American Legion Post 5 was present to Post the Colors of the Flag. The Keystone Civic Organization was represented by Vice President, Janise Man-Son-Hing who got a candid shot with Charlie Belcher, FOX 13 Tampa Bay Live, and Bill Gramatica representing the Gramatica Family Foundation.  Thank you to all who attended this great event to help our Veterans who gave their all for our Freedom.


Keystone Motor Club Updates

A thank you to all the folks who drove over to show support for the Keystone Civic Association Festival on NOV 12. 

YellowBird Art Studios 16921 Gunn Hwy 3556 Odessa/Tampa/Keystone
Integrity Tire Junior Dragster: Jim, Ashley and Sedona Gotsis
We did not sign in anyone, but there are some pictures below and I’m sending some pics to Dan Holsen at Facebook: Keystone Motor Car Club.

A gentle reminder that coming January 21 2023 is Keystone Motor Club’s Annual Chili Cook Off. 
Details can be seen on FLACARSHOWS.COM.  Have you got the winning Chili?
Contact  Bob @ or Beth @ 

At Keystones Friday Night Cruisein  at Tropical Smoothies on Nov 4, Robert Pluess rode his Ducati over before heading to FloraBama, plus a couple Mustangs, Mark Stickel’s 55 Chevy, a Chevy Nova, a Karman Ghia and several street cars who did not sign in. The Friday Night Special is 50% off the Large 24 OZ Smoothie. Take a picture of your car in the lot and show it to the cashier to get the special Car Show Price ….and even on Friday nights when I can’t be there.  We are straight across Citrus Park Drive from Smokey Bones, North side of the street,and one block West of the elevated Upper Tampa Bay Trail. 

Have a great day! 813-839-4281

Hillsborough County Hosts Movies In The Park Nights at Keystone Park FREE Family Event!







Committee Updates

A quick message from your Emergency Response Committee [ERC]:

by Krys Wloch, Chair

The Hurricane season may soon be over and we typically don’t think about emergency preparedness until the next summer months.
This year however, I’d like to encourage you Dear KCA Members and Keystone Residents, to review your disaster readiness plan during the “downtime” months of “winter”.

Hillsborough County Disaster Preparedness put together a very useful guide and a quick checklist that will help you to assess your preparedness level and guide your response during various disaster events [including ones outside of the hurricane spectrum] :

I strongly recommend printing these guidelines and keeping them alongside your disaster kit [it becomes very difficult to search for guidelines, when there is no power/internet].
This could be also an excellent time to review your electrical connections for that generator that you have not had a chance to use. Please make sure to engage with licensed electrician/professional.

Internally, KCA ERC team is working on reviewing and updating the response and communication plan – we are currently assessing vectors of response and best way to coordinate community efforts. We are targeting early Spring for the plan completion.
Being a very small committee, we invite members to join us! Volunteers can use website / email contact to reach out.

Have an awesome and safe thanksgiving to you and your family from your Emergency Response Committee.

Get involved with KCA


Below is a list of our Committees.  If you are interested to be more involved with KCA, we would love to have your support by joining one of our committees below.

Simply click the link to directly Email the Committee Chair and Co Chair to SIGN UP  or for your inquiries!   It is our goal to make “communications” easy for our members.

Reminder! We do not have a General Meeting in November or December.

Enjoy your holidays and we will keep you up to date by Newsletter!

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November 24:  Thanksgiving
December 18-26 – Hanukkah
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December 31 – New Years Eve
January 1, 2023 – New Years Day
January 26, 2023  General Meeting at Keystone Civic Center 6:30 PM

Committee Meetings: TBD by Chairs via email / phone

Member Updates

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