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FAQs About Land Use

Q: How do I find out about land use changes taking place in Keystone?

A: The link below is a great start. The map is searchable by address or area. It contains information about upcoming hearings regarding applications for rezoning, variances, and special use permits.  Click here.


Q: How do I find out about dates for rezoning, variances and land use hearings in front of the land use officer or zoning hearing master?

A: The link below will take you there. Search by date and click the link to the date you want to view. Click here.


Q: Where do I find specific application information and other information of record regarding a rezoning, variance or special use permit?

A: Click the link below to the planning and growth management store (the system is called OPTICS and is the internal system the county uses to organize all the information.) The password and username are the same:

username- public
password- public

Once in the system, click “document repository.”

Then enter the tracking number or application number. For example:  18-0125 (make sure you use the dash)

Then click on the item that comes up and then click on the various folders or documents you are looking for.

Link to optics click here.


Q: How do I find out how land around me or elsewhere in Keystone is zoned?

A: Click this link here.


Q: I know what the zoning is, now how do I determine what is allowed in the zoning district?

A: Click the link here to the Table of Allowable uses in Zoning Districts found in the Hillsborough County Land Development Code.


Q: Where do you find out about Land Development Code in Hillsborough and specifically for Keystone?

A: The County website lists the LDC for the entire county. If you go to the LDC and then type ‘Keystone’ in the search box at the top of the page it will provide all of the LDC that pertains to Keystone. Click link here.