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Since its inception in the 1930s, the Keystone Civic Association has been our community’s standard bearer. Your KCA dynamically embraces our heritage while preparing for our future. The benefits begin with knowing that your membership makes it all possible.  Participate at your pace, enjoy fun events, join others to shape and preserve our community.

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Membership in the Keystone Civic Association is open to individuals, families, social groups, churches, businesses, HOAs , and POAs. Membership is a convenient way to stay in touch with a range of issues and events that can impact your life and business in Keystone.  The KCA Keystone Connections newsletter is published monthly and is sent to KCA members in good standing.

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Our eight teams pursue Community issues and circumstances of concern as appropriate and keep members informed.

  • Newsletter Reporters and Lick & Stick team
    • Ben, Dawn, Francis, Mary Ann, Paul, Randy, Anna, Teresa
  • Community Defense
    • Barbara, Jaime, Clara and the Army
  • Adopt-A-Road & Beautification
    • Josh, Aaron and many neighbors
  • Keystone Family Fun Day
    • Buddy, Roger, and many community groups
  • Citizen Corps Operations
    • Tom, Glenn and many neighbors
  • Chili – Business Expo – Cars – Music
    • Jaime, Josh, Diane, Tom and many businesses
  • Website master
    • TBA
  • Community Resource Deputy
    • Hugh Alter

Policy Guidelines

The organization shall develop policies with the intent to clarify and prescribe actions that may occur or be undertaken in furtherance of the organizations mission and perpetual existence. Said policies, referred to as Association Policy Guidelines (APG) shall be developed and modified, as needed, by the Board with membership inputs and approval.

Recent Policies

Security of Membership Information (adopted 2-24-2016)

Intent: to provide reasonable security for and limited access to information that is provided to the organization by individuals and businesses during membership enrollment and updates.

The Membership committee shall ensure that paper and electronic membership forms and all electronic files are kept in a secure setting which has access only by other authorized committee and Board members. The information shall not be used for any purpose other than KCA business approved by the BOD. Communications utilizing electronic mail shall ensure that the members’ electronic address is not revealed to others by utilizing the “blind copy, bcc” function.

Decorum and Collegiality (adopted 2-24-2016)

Intent: to foster positive image and relationships among the organization’s Board members, general membership, and the Keystone Community.

Members are encouraged to be ambassadors of our wonderful community, engage in constructive discussions and refrain from cynical references to the organization and its members. Encourage your neighbors to join the KCA and enjoy its benefits. Recognize that petty politics, gossip, personal agendas, and unsettled grievances fuel the negative atmospherics that undermine an effective organization. The BOD reserves the right to rescind a person’s membership and/or remove an Officer or Director who the Board determines to be in violation of this good neighbor policy.